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view based google is approaching the city of san jose, they need a place for their private jets. they have a new terminal, and plenty of passengers but google is not among them. google is approaching san jose about building annex active terminal, where google and other silicon valley firms could park and service their jets. airport officials say it will generate more than $2 million a year in rent. >> the housing market is showing a bit of a rebound as well as home remodelling. the national home builders association predicts a 20% increase in remodels over the next year. but things are different than the housing boom in 2005, when home owners were remodelling and flipping for profit. this time they are paying with cash and instead of grading to sell. they are staying put. >> their home is their castle and people are remodelling to enjoy. it's a factor with many people getting ideas off of sites like pinterest. >> the most talked about haircut in the country now. the giants were back at at&t park and we think we saw tim lincecum. we did. many of the giants at the park today getti
that the airline will recognize there's more opportunity more flights to other cities. san jose international has tried to step out of the shadows of sfo and oakland and lure more passengers. the airport completed a major renovation in 2010 and added a new vip lounge and recently added a nonstop flight to tokyo, that flight is now on hold after the fell aviation administration grounded the dreamliner to investigate safety issues. still, will virgin america be packing more passengers to the nearly empty terminal? this traveler comes here several times a year. >> i think it's great, i love flying out of san jose, i fly out of san francisco a lot because of necessity. >> some of the passengers we talked to today hoped the added competition will save them money. >> it's great to have more options and not have to go to san francisco, helps fill up the air port and have more competitive flight prices. >> virgin america did not want to comment, but in a statement made it clear, they are hoping their features give them an edge. they have wifi and other tech forward ammenities, we think our new flights wi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2